one-on-one hands-on lighting coaching | $400

I'm now offering one-on-one coaching to teach you my lighting techniques. Coaching sessions are hands-on, last 3 hours and feature a live model. Build your portfolio as you shoot and learn!

We can cover techniques such:
Controlling all 4 characteristics of light
Using the most flattering light patterns such as:
Rembrandt & Loop lighting
Headshot / Beauty lighting
Using one and two lights in your setups
Mixing both ambient and flash
Shooting with hard and soft light

We cover the use of:
Pocket Strobes (Speedlights) + Medium Strobes + Full Strobes
HSS to surpass your camera's sync speed limitations
Sofboxes, Beauty Dishes, Scrims and Reflectors

online ZOOM coaching | $100

Learn my flash techniques in the comfort of your own home.
Online Zoom mentoring is available for $100/hr.


No workshops scheduled.

Contact me at if interested in organizing a lighting workshop in your area.

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